Universe dancing

Someone wonderful posted these words on Instagram. I loved them, and of course, since I'm me, they wound up on a chalkboard.

Universe Dancing

Years ago, I coined the phrase "universe dancing" to describe that feeling you get sometimes, when you lean hard into doing the thing you love, even if it's scary - because sometimes it is scary - and suddenly it seems like the world leans in with you. Opportunities arise, obstacles resolve themselves, and the time spent doing that thing you love feels like an amazing and incredibly precious gift.

It's been just about four years since I decided to leap, full on, into this art thing. I didn't feel confident at the time, but I did feel brave and impassioned... and I've come to believe that, in the absence of actual confidence, one can go a long way on bravery and passion. I made the decision, and I threw myself into it with everything I had.

I said YES even when I wasn't sure I could deliver. I filled even my spare time with art. I pursued everything that lit me up inside, and sometimes (lots of times), I got so frustrated by my constant beginner status that I cried (and roared, and stomped around, and ripped things up).

Graceful self-assurance hasn't really been my default state.

But here's the thing. The "move" part in this quote is critical. You can't simply wish your best life into being. You have to decide, and then you have to move. You have to show up day after day, learn the skill, make the art, do the thing, because that's how the universe finds you, yeah?

It spots you there, in all of your messy, doubtful, daring motion, already out on the dance floor. Already decided. Already dancing.

And it can't help but join in.

In other exciting news, I've got a new tutorial, in which I explain the difference between porous and nonporous chalkboards (and what that means for you when using chalk makers), and I show you how to season your new chalkboard, which is a good habit to get into. Check it out!