Turning kindness inward

My friend Jill Salahub has launched an inspiring interview series on her blog called “Self-compassion Saturday.” What I love about it is that it’s not theoretical. Jill is on a very personal journey to discover what it means to be compassionate with herself. She wants to know how it’s done, what it looks like in real life, what it feels like when you’re getting it right. So she decided to ask. Here’s what she wrote about the series:

Having been in a long-term abusive relationship with myself, I don’t know how to be in love, to be loving, to fully and completely accept myself. The momentary sadness of not knowing faded when I realized I knew many amazing, wise and compassionate women who have been my guides already in so many other ways – I could ask them.

So she did. She asked the same four questions of 29 women, and every Saturday, she’s posting the responses on her blog.

Beautiful, right? I’m so honored that she included me in her list of wise women, and last Saturday, she posted my answers to her four questions. (Plus, her introduction made me sprout wings it was so generous!) Self-compassion is an important topic to me. It’s a subset of self-love and that’s where all love begins. If you haven’t read the interview yet, I hope you’ll go take a look. And not just at my answers. She’s done four interviews so far, and even though I’ve thought and written on this subject many, many times, these women are quite honestly dazzling me with what they have to say. They’re raw and funny and surprising and real… no soundbites here.

Go see.


I played around with the yes-girl I doodled for last week’s post. It’s available now in the Etsy shop as a card or a print.


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