Lettering with a brush pen (getting started)

This is the first of a new category of post I'm calling Tips & Tricks. I'll be sharing bite-size tutorial and helpful hints for all my favorite art forms - hand lettering, chalkboard art, pencil/ink/watercolor/digital illustration, and sketchbook play.

First up, a tip for beginners lettering with brush pens.

When you're first learning how to brush letter (or use any kind of flexible tip to write), it's hard to focus on letter formation at the same time that you're focusing on technique. Working with flexible tips takes practice - learning just how much pressure to apply to get those thick downstrokes and thin upstrokes. My suggestion is to write out your word in pencil first, then trace it with your brush pen, remembering to press harder when you're going down, and more lightly when you're going up.

Here's thirty seconds of me doing just that. 🙂