Time to art out loud

20150922_081331In case you have not been within shouting (singing, dancing, spinning) distance of me, let me formally announce my Art Out Loud coloring books are here and available for order!


I’ve already shipped out the first 150 or so. I have about that many more available, and then you’ll need to order the books from Amazon (which is fine but since I don’t fulfill the Amazon orders, they don’t have the little notes and extra goodies that I give to the people who order from me.)


In other news, I’ve finally modified my shop page so you can get to everything I sell in one place. I needed to do that because I have projects in the works that will result in even more offerings. These are exciting times!

I want to thank everyone who has already ordered coloring books, art, cards, digital offerings, or t-shirts from me. You are fueling a dream and I am more grateful than I can possibly express.


In other, other news, next week I’m heading out on my first more-than-a-weekend vacation in five years. I’m crazy excited. It’s a hiking adventure, and we’ll be traversing trails in Zion, the Grand Canyon, and Yosemite. Besides my hiking boots, I’m bringing books and art supplies. And a scooter. ; ) I’ll be back in a couple of weeks, soul-filled and with stories to tell.


p.s. The winners of the coloring book give away were Kellie Walker and Rohan Maitzen. Thanks to everyone who played!