That thing where they ask you to make a video…

… and you do!

Okay, so a couple of weeks ago, Kim, the Director of Communications at HCI Books, called to ask if I’d mind making a meet-the-artist video for the launch of their Inkspirations coloring books series this month. Here’s how our conversation went:

Kim: We’d love for you to make a video.
Me: A doodle?
Kim: A video.
Me: An illustration?
Kim: A video.
Me: A –
Kim: Video. Yes.
Me: … … … okay…

After I panicked (and then put my head firmly in the sand for a week), I called out the big guns, which, around here, means I asked my son Dillon to help me. I told him my idea for the video (because some ideas will hunt you down, even if your head is hiding in the sand), and he made it happen with his mad skills and a little bit of voodoo magic.

I’m very much in love with the result, though I did wonder aloud when we were through if the video could have just a little less ME in it. Or actually, a lot less me, but Dillon explained that a “meet the artist” video without the artist might be a little unsatisfying to viewers.

I’ll defer to his expertise, and leave it here for you to decide. (I hope you like it!)

That’s all for now. Have a great weekend, you guys!


p.s. I’m working on a third book for the Inkspirations series: Inkspirations for Everyday. I created this page yesterday, then added some red just for you.