That shit ain’t right

I got a quick little commission for a coloring page with the words "that shit ain't right." The reason for the requested page is more complicated than the phrase itself, but I'm sharing here because I love the juxtaposition. The sunny optimism of flowers and rainbows, and the frank expression of anger and frustration.


I think it's where most of us live these days, at the fork in the road between hope and disillusionment.

From the worldwide pandemic and collapsing economy, to systemic inequality and the fact that we even have to say,"black lives matter," there's a whole lot that ain't right in the world today. I get angry and utterly discouraged on a daily basis.


There are also healthcare providers going to work so that my mom can get her post-ovarian cancer exams done on time. And there are moms and vets and medics standing between BLM protesters and federal agents in Portland, Oregon. And there are entire baseball teams kneeling in support of racial justice.

It's always both, isn't it? The good and bad, the beauty and the ugliness of life on continuous display. What each of us can do, in every minute of every day, is choose which road - hope or disillusionment - we want to be on.

I'm still choosing hope. And love. And flowers and rainbows.

While noting, as anyone who is awake is bound to, that there is an awful lot of shit that aint right.