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Artists on the internet

Hey friends! Just a quick post to tell you about the Creative Action Network‘s Artist Interview Series, a weekly perspective on the many ways their artists market and sell their work, from licensing, to online shops, to social  media, and everything in between. This week, I’m up, sharing my wisdom (ahem), and some nifty in-progress…

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Art & Activism

I’m excited to have joined the Creative Action Network, a San Francisco-based company that develops activist art into a range of physical products, which they sell online and in retailers around the country. The Creative Action Network partners with non-profit and cause-based organizations to help tell stories and engage community. And since they donate 10% of profits to…

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Rise Up

Today, an art-in-progress post for February’s Print Of The Month, because this one is straight from my tangled, yearning, hopeful heart to yours. . . “Rise Up” was inspired by the Me Too and Time’s Up movements, and, most recently, by the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, who inspire me daily with their clear,…

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Arming the resistance… with art!

The past couple of months have been almost as chaotic for me personally as they have been for the country. Almost. My father passed away suddenly in December and my mom, who is more fierce than anyone knows, has had so much to deal with over the last several weeks that I don’t think she’s fully…

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