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The myth of balance

Recently on the phone with a friend, I had an epiphany. We’d been sharing our stories of overwhelm, and at the end of my long list of projects, obligations, and worries, I told her, “I haven’t quite figured out how to balance it all yet.” I said it as if I were both guilty of…

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Universe dancing

Someone wonderful posted these words on Instagram. I loved them, and of course, since I’m me, they wound up on a chalkboard. Years ago, I coined the phrase “universe dancing” to describe that feeling you get sometimes, when you lean hard into doing the thing you love, even if it’s scary – because sometimes it is…

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Stuck-Unstuck: Maggie

As part of my on-going Stuck-Unstuck project, I’ll be exploring and posting occasionally about the myriad ways in which we humans often feel hopelessly stuck in our lives – personally, professionally, and creatively. These illustrated posts  will be divided into three categories: personal stories (from all of you); advice (in the form of flow charts, maps,…

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April’s Peace & Love Print of the Month

I actually finished April’s Print Of The Month in April! Yay! I posted some art-in-progress shots for this on Instagram Stories. When I finally posted the finished piece, I called it a labor of love because it took quite a while to draw, paint, and then ink in all the details, and I did it…

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Lions and tigers, and labels and memes

I recently had a good conversation on Facebook with someone who disagrees with me. I know. It’s weird. You might need a minute to digest it. I’ll wait… It’s unusual to have a good conversation online, especially between people who disagree. There are bots and trolls who make it hard, but there are also regular…

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