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Kind and loving and creative

You can’t control what other people think about your art. Think about the part of yourself that you can control, which is your ability to be kind and loving and creative. ~ Ann Patchett, Yoga Journal I love this quote. I read it before releasing the Love Essays and I’ve held fast to it ever…

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In each other's hands

Yoga teaches that everything is connected. Movement influences breath; breath influences the mind. What we eat affects our bodies and our moods. Our thoughts, words, and deeds shape those around us. Life, in essence, is a series of ripple effects. ~ Anna Dubrovsky, Yoga Journal, May 2011 I love this quote. I believe it, now…

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Everyday love

Has this ever happened to you? You’re reading a post and as you read it, you can actually feel a sort of tectonic shift inside you, a soul response to the words on your screen? (Hint: Here’s the part where you say, “Sure, j! That’s happened to me right here on Zebra Sounds!” And then…

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