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My seven cures for creative block

More than once, in the midst of a creative block (which for me is truly just a baby step away from full-on existential crisis), I’ve been told by well-meaning writer friends that my block isn’t real. “It’s all in your head,” they say, as if that’s helpful, as if the fact that my blankness resides…

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Me and my body: a love – hate – love story

Last year, I wrote a short post about my struggles with an eating disorder. The response, on and off blog, was huge, supportive, and full of questions that I wasn’t prepared to answer. Ever since, I’ve wanted to write more about it, because I think it’s important, and because sometimes I think the subjects most…

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You Are (here)

This week I discovered a blog (and website and mindset) that I just love, called kind over matter. This post, Tell Someone You Are, charmed me (click it, it’ll take you a few seconds to read), and the photo, by pominoz, completely captured my imagination. For the last few weeks, I’ve been wrestling with questions…

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