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The anatomy of ripples

The thing about ripples is that they happen all the time, invisibly, carrying our actions, our words, our art far beyond what we can see or even imagine. 1. This summer, sitting in my car at a red light, I witnessed something ordinary and beautiful. We were in the midst of a heat wave. For…

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The part we get to choose

“What we focus on, expands.” ~ Julia Fehrenbacher¬†(and others) *** Now and then, the simple truth of a statement like the one above hits me with the unexpected force of a sucker punch. It’s not that Julia’s observation is surprising, or at least it shouldn’t be. I know how powerful attention is. I relearn it…

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Getting naked with Julia… and a sweet giveaway

Here’s what I believe: the best works of art are acts of public nudity. The artist, subtly or overtly, is exposed, even in works of fiction, even if the exposure lies only in the creator’s desire to communicate something true and real. To some degree, that kind of nakedness is inherent to the act of…

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A conversation about love and art, and a giveaway with Julia Fehrenbacher

I’m so excited to interview writer-poet-painter-friend, Julia Fehrenbacher. I first discovered Julia last July when her poem, “Unleashed,” was published on Kind Over Matter. I was in the middle of my Year of Fearless Love, and if you’ve read The Love Essays, you know that July was a turning point for me, the point at…

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The poetry of it all

In case you missed the big news, my friend, the staggeringly talented Julia Fehrenbacher is publishing her first book of original poetry and art. It’s called On The Other Side of Fear, and it’s absolutely beautiful. The poetry is honest, searching and inspiring. In it, Julia speaks of fear and power, hesitance and flight, creativity…

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