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The best love

According to the Love Project’s big, fat master plan, September was The Month of Seeing. All month I focused on making the most of my day-to-day interactions with strangers. In stores, in restaurants, at Starbucks and the library, I made eye contact. I smiled. I engaged people in conversation, asking questions, listening to their answers,…

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My religion

My religion doesn’t involve a church or a minister or a pulpit; it’s practiced under a roof of sky, whispered by the wind, preached by birds and crickets and rivers and toads. * My religion isn’t written in scripture; it’s written in the hearts of lovers and parents and artists and everyone who, broken from…

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Crazy Beautiful

I lost a batch of pictures from my vacation – all from the first day. I suspect something went wrong in the upload and, without realizing that, I deleted them from the camera. They’re the least painful ones to lose – pictures of our CRV holding all it can, bikes strapped to the back, boxes…

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Halfway Through A Year Of Fearless Love

It’s July, and I’m officially more than halfway through my year of loving fearlessly. A list is in order! Things the Love Project has taught me so far… Love is everywhere. Hate is too. And cynicism, and prejudice, and greed, and cruelty. It’s all out there. In the gigantic, messy spectrum of human experience, ugliness…

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Everyday love

Has this ever happened to you? You’re reading a post and as you read it, you can actually feel a sort of tectonic shift inside you, a soul response to the words on your screen? (Hint: Here’s the part where you say, “Sure, j! That’s happened to me right here on Zebra Sounds!” And then…

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