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Love, doodles, and a happiness jar

Happy 2015, everyone! I have 5 Happy-New-Year updates, so I’m writing a quick post before I return to my regular schedule on January 16th. First, in case you didn’t hear the news, we donated $3,000 to Lisa Adam’s Sloan-Kettering metastatic breast cancer research fund. What we were able to accomplish in a couple of months awed and humbled me.…

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Something in the air

I think there’s something in the air… besides spring. So many people have told me lately how they feel they are in the midst of heady transitions, the kind of internal tectonic shifts that ripple outwards, altering external landscapes in surprising and wonderful ways. I’ve definitely been feeling it myself lately, the tremors of change,…

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Looking back on a year of fearless love

In January last year, because I needed to believe in the power we all have to touch and lift and heal each other, I declared 2011 my year of loving fearlessly. In July, half way through my love project, I made a list of things I’d learned so far. Now, sitting here on the other…

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Halfway through a year of fearless love

It’s July, and I’m officially more than halfway through my year of loving fearlessly. A list is in order! Things the Love Project has taught me so far… Love is everywhere. Hate is too. And cynicism, and prejudice, and greed, and cruelty. It’s all out there. In the gigantic, messy spectrum of human experience, ugliness…

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Fierce In Pink: a love letter

I’m writing love letters in October. Every Monday, I post one here… ~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Impossibly Beautiful Golden Haired Girl in the Pink Leggings and Hello Kitty Top, Your laughter, adorable and fierce, catches me off guard. I turn to find the source and there you are. Know this: there are few things more dazzling than…

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