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The unchangeable past

Several weeks ago, I read “25 Things People in Healthy Relationships Don’t Do.” The whole post is good, especially if you’re struggling with a relationship, but the sentence I illustrated for this post has stayed with me all these weeks, poetic, profound, and true. Here’s the whole quote: “[People in healthy relationships] don’t focus on the unchangeable…

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Armor-piercing gratitude

I suppose it’s natural that right now – in the midst of my “30 days, 30 acts of (expansive, unabashed, downright mushy) gratitude” challenge – I’d be interested in exploring gratitude from every possible angle. I’m like that. During my year of fearless love, it seemed that every conversation I had, every article and book…

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This week, I got some loving, well-intentioned, unsolicited advice. At the heart of a longer message was this: “Love more, j,” with the clear implication that I was,  perhaps, not being open to the very love for which I’ve spent almost a year advocating. My first reaction was to feel blindsided. My second was to…

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I’ve been thinking about all the different ways that a heart breaks, not just from the big, terrible life blows, but in a hundred little everyday ways. When we reach for someone who doesn’t reach back. When we work up the nerve to say that thing we’ve been holding in our heart, and we are…

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