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Love, art, and social media

In this art-in-progress post, I’ll show you how I made this fun Bushel And A Peck chalkboard… plus, I’ll tell you a happily-ever-after story about engaging with your own creativity. Here goes… Once upon a time, when the news had me equal parts outraged, frustrated, and sad, I decided to make a new lyric board…

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Lettering with a brush pen (getting started)

This is the first of a new category of post I’m calling Tips & Tricks. I’ll be sharing bite-size tutorial and helpful hints for all my favorite art forms – hand lettering, chalkboard art, pencil/ink/watercolor/digital illustration, and sketchbook play. First up, a tip for beginners lettering with brush pens. When you’re first learning how to…

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The myth of balance

Recently on the phone with a friend, I had an epiphany. We’d been sharing our stories of overwhelm, and at the end of my long list of projects, obligations, and worries, I told her, “I haven’t quite figured out how to balance it all yet.” I said it as if I were both guilty of…

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To live a creative life

I created a chalkboard for the new year, a Joseph Chilton Pearce quote: To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. I spotted the quote on Instagram, and it resonated with me because I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to live a creative life. Certainly, for…

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Making a Menu Chalkboard

Recently I created a menu chalkboard for a catering business opening their first brick and mortar restaurant. I took a lot of pictures while I worked because I’m on Instagram, and all the cool kids on Instagram post stories. I think it’s easy for them. I think their lives are made of beautiful, hilarious, poignant,…

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