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Universe dancing

Someone wonderful posted these words on Instagram. I loved them, and of course, since I’m me, they wound up on a chalkboard. Years ago, I coined the phrase “universe dancing” to describe that feeling you get sometimes, when you lean hard into doing the thing you love, even if it’s scary – because sometimes it is…

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Mandala Art Team Building Workshop

Studies have shown that creativity is an effective wellness practice, and that engaging in creative activity can have wide-ranging effects on cognitive and psychosocial health, decreasing our stress response and increasing positive emotions. Drawing a mandala is not only a creative adventure, but a meditative and restorative one as well. Its circular shape and geometric patterns are often used in art and…

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Find Your Awesome

Judy will be talking about her Year of Fearless Love – how it changed her, and ultimately led to the publication of her illustrated creative journal “Find Your Awesome: A 30-day challenge to fall in love with your playful, imaginative, and colorful self.” Find Your Awesome is all about self-love (and creativity and play), and…

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Join my 30-day self-love challenge!

Friends, you’re invited to join me on a 30-day self-love challenge, starting May 15, 2017! It’s free, and by signing up, you could win a signed copy of my illustrated creative journal, Find Your Awesome! (Update: Winners have been chosen… but don’t let that stop you! I have so much good planned. Come see!) Why do…

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Friends, I’m so incredibly excited and proud to announce that today is the official release date for my illustrated creative journal, FIND YOUR AWESOME! Check out my fun, animated book trailer, made possible by creative mastermind Dillon Wall. It includes illustrations and words taken right from the book. I poured my whole writerly, doodly, love-warrior-self…

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