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Taking potshots at sage advice. Sorta.

In my online world, which is vast, mostly wonderful, and frequently edifying, I am connected to a lot of people who are either in the midst of major personal evolutions, or they make a living helping other people navigate theirs. And since these two things are not mutually exclusive, I’d venture a guess that many…

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A big, scary, painful, precious mess

I’m writing this post on Thanksgiving and feeling grateful for so many things – family, friends, dogs in general and Lexi in particular (despite how she smells because I’m pretty sure she rolled in something dead and it seems that one bath isn’t going to quite take care of it), the portobello mushrooms Chad will be…

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Adventures in vocabulary and the healing power of books

As promised, I’m launching a new regular feature on the blog: Obscure Word Doodles! Last month, I started asking for word suggestions and, as usual, you came through. I have about 25 weird and wonderful words that I have no idea what to do with. Actually 24 now, since here’s the first one, a word…

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Armor-piercing gratitude

I suppose it’s natural that right now – in the midst of my “30 days, 30 acts of (expansive, unabashed, downright mushy) gratitude” challenge – I’d be interested in exploring gratitude from every possible angle. I’m like that. During my year of fearless love, it seemed that every conversation I had, every article and book…

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The definition of faith

Sometimes it’s hard to write about love. It’s hard to pay attention to what’s happening in the world, to be sickened by acts of violence and cruelty perpetrated in the name of religion or freedom or order, to care deeply about the health of our planet, to love people who are out of work or…

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