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Make Do With What You Have

It’s Monday and today’s “Beckoning The Lovely” post begins with a disclaimer. Last week I was more than a little distracted because my father had surgery. (He’ll be fine, don’t worry. He’s not the subject of this post. Mostly because he would hate to be the subject of this post. Or any post. Seriously. Don’t…

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A kiss is a lovely thing

So far on my quest to beckon the lovely, I’ve made a grand entrance, made a friend, and made something pretty. Today… Kiss makeup! What? Oh, right it was “kiss AND make up.” Well, what can I can I say? I didn’t piss anyone off last week, so there was no need to kiss and…

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Make A Friend

About a week ago, I posted Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s wonderful video, The Beckoning of Lovely, in which Amy, along with hundreds of people who accepted her You Tube invitation to create something cool together, did just that. In fact they made 12 cool things. After watching The Beckoning of Lovely, I was inspired. I decided…

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Make A Grand Entrance

As promised… Here it is… My first Lovely Thing…  Make A Grand Entrance! x I have to admit that the actual act of Lexi entering lacked the joyful exuberance I was hoping for, especially considering the big ol’ ham bone we’d put on the floor in the dining room. (Full of herself as Director, J…

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