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Make A Splash

It’s Monday again, and I’m dishing up the lovely. Sort of. This is the only one of my Beckoning The Lovely posts that I pre-planned. Knowing that I would have to make a splash before my 12-week project ended, I had the foresight to do it while the weather outside was still conducive to making…

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Make Out

I am beckoning the lovely again on Zebra Sounds. We’re on #10 out of 12 on my list. (I know! Time flies!) This week’s lovely thing was “Make out.” It was the hardest of all so far, and as of Sunday morning, I did not know what I was going to do. I was talking…

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Make Peace

This is my favorite part of Mondays… beckoning the lovely on Zebra Sounds. This week’s assignment was to “make peace.” And so I did… all over the place. I had so much fun making peace, and I beckoned some extra lovely in the process… Okay, okay, I’ll stop! But believe me, I spared you. I…

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Make It Up As You Go

This week’s “beckoning the lovely” goal: Make it up as you go. I decided on Friday that I would spend the day making it up as I go. I loaded my backpack up with possible activities – my laptop, my notebook, a set of jacks, earphones, coloring books, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo… I…

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Make Music

Time to beckon the lovely. This week’s assignment: Make Music. Gotta admit, I was nervous about this one. (Although, seriously, I’ve been nervous about almost all of them!) As I’ve warned mentioned, I have little absolutely no musical talent. Despite years of piano lessons, I can’t play the piano, and I’m pretty sure my singing…

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