Stuck → Unstuck

I’ve been thinking a lot about the ways in which we all get stuck in our lives (professionally, creatively, personally), how uncomfortable the feeling of being stuck is, and how hard it can be to navigate our own stalled evolutions. Because it’s been on my mind, I’ve been having conversations with friends and fellow creatives and those conversations have made me feel such a sense of camaraderie and understanding. I’ve also experienced more than a few ah-ha moments when someone’s off-handed observation of their own situation has provided sudden insights into mine.

I believe the feeling is universal. I believe at various times in our lives, we’ve all experienced that feeling of being trapped in a place we no longer want to be, even if the specifics vary. You can be stuck creatively, frustrated at work, locked in an unhealthy relationship, or just feel generally that your life lacks passion or purpose. You can feel stuck in uncertainty as one phase of your life ends and another begins, stuck in feelings of grief or chronic pain, stuck at a number on the scale. No matter the specifics of your situation, that trapped, stagnant feeling is extremely uncomfortable; it can make you feel lesser, undermining your self-confidence and changing how you move in the world.

I believe we can help each other through that. I believe if we tap into each other’s experiences and share our stories, we will all benefit from the collective wisdom. What I do to get myself unstuck may not be helpful to you, but what someone else in this community has to say may be exactly what you need to hear. So too, what you have to say may be just the thing that unsticks some like-hearted stranger.

Which is why I’ve decided to launch a new project called Stuck → Unstuck, a sort of ongoing, meandering-over-time conversation that I’ll be having with… well, pretty much everyone. As I hear great (or funny, or poignant) stories, I’ll share them in the form of illustrated posts, under the Stuck-Unstuck category. I’m not sure where this will go, but I’d love to have story posts, advice posts, quirky flow chart posts, road maps and info-graphs. Who knows? It’s an adventure. Let’s see what happens.

If you have a story about being stuck or getting unstuck, contact me. You never know how your story/advice/thought might help someone else.

I’m inspired by the conversations I’ve been having, and excited to see what happens when I open the conversation up to all of us.