Step-by-step: Just breathe

A couple of weeks ago I asked my subscribers what kinds of posts they’d like to see more of on my blog. I got lots of great suggestions, with posts about my process being the most requested.

So today, a (hopefully) fun post for you. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of one of my Inkspirations coloring pages, including a mistake and do-over, which proves that I’m not infallible.


You never thought I was infallible?

So much for my meticulously constructed, picture-perfect public persona. 🙂


My editor asked for a word-art page that said “just breathe.” So that’s where I started.

JustBreathe (0)

I then began adding, in pencil, the doodly background. I did the words in ink so that if I didn’t like a doodle, I could erase it without having to constantly redraw the words.

JustBreathe (1)

This is a really detailed coloring page, so progress was slow. Plus, I kept getting distracted because people were posting very funny things to Facebook. Like this. And ridiculously cute things, like this.

JustBreathe (3)

Finally, the penciled doodles were complete, and it was time to ink the background, which I do on tracing paper so that there are no pencil or erasure marks on the final copy that gets sent to my publisher. As soon as I’d inked the background, I could see the problem: the words became very hard to pick out. As you can see in the picture below, I tried to thicken up the letter edges, but I still wasn’t happy with it.JustBreathe (4)001

And here’s where tracing paper really pays off. I went back to the original pencil drawing and erased the doodles closest to the letters. I made the letters bigger, then drew in new doodles in designs I hoped would make the letters pop more.

JustBreathe (4b)

Then, with clean trace paper, I re-inked the words and the new doodle designs to see if it all worked.

JustBreathe (5)

It did, so I finished up the page, and  we all lived happily ever after.

JustBreathe (6)

The End (xo)


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