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I give talks on a variety of subjects, including my Year of Fearless Love (and how it completely changed the trajectory of my life); Self-Love (why we struggle to love ourselves and how to make it a daily practice); and Creativity (living a creative life and trusting the creative process). I approach my topics with honesty, humor, and a genuine desire to engage the audience in a conversation that leaves us all better off. The world needs more conversation.

If you're interested in booking me to speak to your group, feel free to contact me with the details of your event.



All my workshops can be modified to fit in shorter time frames, coupled with talks, and/or tailored for specific event types, such as creative retreats, team-building sessions, and workplace health & well-being programs. If you're interested in booking me to teach a workshop, contact me and we'll figure out what works best for you.


Intro to Chalk Lettering workshop (2 .5 hours)

Chalkboard signs are very popular right now. You see them everywhere, from coffee shops to birthday parties and wedding celebrations. In this Intro to Chalk Lettering Workshop, we'll focus on the basics. You’ll learn how to turn your regular cursive lettering into faux calligraphy, plus some tricks for designing both print and cursive fonts. We’ll practice writing and embellishing techniques, and then we’ll take your new skills to the chalkboard! Materials provided. You’ll leave with your practice board, instructional packet, Sharpie, chalk, and chalk marker.

Cost: $85/person; $70/person for groups of 6 or more.


Mandala-making workshop (3 hours)

Drawing a mandala is not only a creative experience, but a meditative and restorative one as well. In this class you will learn the basic techniques for creating a beautiful, intricate, personally meaningful mandala, and once you know the basics, there is no end to the number of designs you'll be able to create on your own. No experience is necessary and all materials are included. You'll leave the class with a completed mandala, plus a mandala-making kit so you can explore this wonderful art form on your own.

Cost: $45/person; $40/person on groups of 6 or more

YouthMandala Workshop

Youth Mandala Workshop (2-3 hours)

Drawing a mandala is a creative adventure, one in which you learn to trust the process, and everything really does work out in the end. In this workshop, students will learn the basic techniques for creating a beautiful mandala and once they know the basics, there is no end to the number of designs they'll be able to create on their own.

Students will leave class with a completed mandala, plus some fun worksheets to take home and practice what they've learned.

Cost: $25/person



Art of Self-Love: Gratitude Workshop (2 hours)

Studies show that creativity is an effective wellness practice, and that cultivating gratitude can have tremendous benefits on the quality of your life - so, why not combine both ideas in a single workshop! I’ll be talking about self-love (why it’s so hard and so very important), how to make self-love a practice, and specifically, how GRATITUDE can be the easiest, most effective, life-changing self-love tool of all. Then we’ll switch gears a bit, do some magical art tricks, and create beautiful, personally meaningful gratitude wheels so that you can launch your own 30-day gratitude project when you get home.

I can provide all the necessary materials, or this can be done as an Art Journal class, in which students come with their own journals.

Optionally included with this workshop is a signed copy of my illustrated creative journal, Find Your Awesome, A 30-Day Challenge To Fall In Love With Your Playful, Imaginative & Colorful Self.

Cost: $25/person; $32/person with signed copy of Find Your Awesome