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I give talks on a variety of subjects, including my Year of Fearless Love (and how it completely changed the trajectory of my life); Self-Love (why we struggle to love ourselves and how to make it a daily practice); and Creativity (living a creative life, trusting the creative process, and doing what lights you up inside). I approach my topics with a genuine desire to engage the audience in a conversation that leaves us all better off. The world needs more conversation.

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My workshops can be taught in your studio or place of business, or they can be privately hosted. I work closely with my hosts to create a a fun and unique experience perfect for your group. Prices vary based on the materials used and the number of attendees. If you're interested in booking me to teach a workshop, contact me, and we'll figure out what works best for you.


(Super Easy) Chalkboard Sign-making (1.5 - 2 hrs)

This class is perfect for ALL skill levels. You don't need to be an artist, or hand letterer. This super easy chalk transfer method of sign making means anyone can create beautiful, decorative boards. You'll learn how to transfer art from paper to board, work with both chalk and chalk markers, and add custom details - patterns, embellishments, shading, and more - to make the art uniquely yours. You’ll leave with your completed chalkboard sign and a kit with everything you need to make more masterpieces. (Besides your board, the kit includes, my favorite chalk and chalk marker, an eraser and chalk sharpener, and an instructional packet with sample illustrations.) Plus, you'll get access to even more free, downloadable content, including additional, regularly updated chalkboard illustrations, specifically designed for workshop attendees.



Chalk Lettering for Beginners (2.5 hours)

Chalkboard signs are everywhere these days - at weddings and parties, on the sidewalks outside businesses, and in homes, where they make fun and unique home decor. Why not do it yourself? The key to beautiful chalkboard signs, is artful lettering. In this Beginning Chalk Lettering Workshop, we'll focus on the basics. You’ll learn, letter by letter, a modern calligraphy script, how to join your letters, and how to develop a faux calligraphy script using your own handwriting. You'll also learn some tricks to designing your own fonts and mixing different fonts together on a single board. We’ll practice writing and embellishing techniques, and then we’ll take your new skills to the chalkboard! Materials provided. You’ll leave with your practice board, a chalk lettering kit (including chalk, chalk marker, eraser, sharpener and more), an instructional packet, and access to lots of free downloadable content for more chalkboard exploration.


Whimsical Watercolor Lettering (2.5 hours)

Anyone can create fun, whimsical lettering. You don't have to be an artist, or have good penmanship. Seriously! In this workshop, you’ll learn the basic rules of lettering, and then, you’ll learn how to break those rules to create fun and more whimsical letters! We’ll play with different lettering styles and shapes, you’ll create your own whimsical alphabets, and we’ll explore different ways to add visual interest and detail to your lettering. When it comes time to paint, you’ll learn about washes and glazes, and how to drop color in while you’re painting. Finally, you’ll learn how to add whimsical details to your lettering with paint, pencil and pens. All materials are included and you get to take your paints home with you!


Mandala-making workshop (3 hours)

Drawing a mandala is not only a creative experience, but a meditative and restorative one as well. In this class you will learn the basic techniques for creating a beautiful, intricate, personally meaningful mandala, and once you know the basics, there is no end to the number of designs you'll be able to create on your own. No experience is necessary and all materials are included. You'll leave the class with a completed mandala, plus a mandala-making kit so you can explore this wonderful art form on your own.