Music to juggle by

I’m so psyched to have been interviewed by Mitch Bowler of Pencil Kings as part of their fantastic Artist Interviews podcast. Mitch and I started emailing while I was taking the Pencil Kings 30-day Figure Drawing class. One thing led to another in that way that one things often do, and he invited me to be on the podcast. I admit that, in my head, I went through several stages of “no, I’m not worthy” before I boldy replied “yes, absolutely.” (And by boldly, I mean doubtfully and with grave reservations.)

I’m so glad I didn’t let fear make my decision. Mitch asked me some great questions, and (through the magic of editing), I gave some reasonably articulate and not-too-rambly answers. We talked about art, and love, and Etsy, and rejection, and moving beyond our fears. I hope you’ll go listen. It’s 27 minutes, but if you pop your earbuds in, you can listen to us while you walk, or garden, or eat lunch, or practice juggling. (I think we would make particularly good background music for jugglers.)

While you’re there, check out the Pencil Kings site. I am a huge fan. I think it’s basically art school… only way cheaper and more fun. And since it’s online, you can do it all in your pajamas.


In other news…

Next month, I’m starting a new 30-day challenge: 30 Days of Hand Lettering.


Something sort of magical happens to me when I work at the intersection of art and words: I find flow. I lose track of time. I am puppy-in-a-mud-puddle happy. So next month, my goal is to spend some time there each day. I’ll post my creations on Facebook and Twitter, so connect with me there if we’re not already friends.

If you have something you’d love to see hand-lettered, send me a note. Suggestions are welcome. And if you’re curious about my forays into hand lettering so far, there’s a gallery for that. ; )

Have a great weekend, you guys. See you in October!