Song lyric art

Did I mention I offer custom song lyric art now?

I do!

From my shop you can order a single custom lyric art print, or you can get a collection of 3-5 prints and create a whole custom soundtrack!

I love working on these collections, and as part of your set, I include a special Every Life Has A Soundtrack print for free.

Music is Life

There is nothing that captures the times (and sometimes the specific moments) of our lives quite like music. In a collection of fun and beautiful art pieces you can musically trace your life, a special relationship, the members of your family, or a dear group of friends... the possibilities are endless.

Here are examples of pieces I've already done. (See more in my Lettering gallery.)

Lyric art makes a wonderful one-of-a-kind gift for the music lovers in your life, and Etsy has rated my shop a "top shop for gifts."

Plus, I love creating these musical pieces, so that's sort of like giving two gifts for the price of one. 🙂