Something in the air

I think there’s something in the air… besides spring. So many people have told me lately how they feel they are in the midst of heady transitions, the kind of internal tectonic shifts that ripple outwards, altering external landscapes in surprising and wonderful ways. I’ve definitely been feeling it myself lately, the tremors of change, the exhilaration of conscious forward motion.

Or maybe this IS what spring feels like when we’re paying attention. Maybe every spring could feel this heady and full of possibility if we decided to interpret it that way. The flashes of green, of early blossoms, of leaves returning to naked branches… all harbingers of the inevitable kickassery ahead.

That’s how it feels to me… in part, because I’ve decided that’s how it feels. You’d be amazed at how much control you actually have over your perception of the world… or maybe you wouldn’t. Around here, we’re pretty well versed in the axiom that what we focus on expands (badass love warriors that we are).

So, in the spirit of spring and change and growth and possibility, I have some fun, Northy stuff to share with you…

Art & Soul

I’m honored to have been interviewed as part of Vanessa Lowry’s Art As Worship series. When Vanessa first contacted me, I was surprised and intrigued. I’ve written here and elsewhere about my spiritual leanings, which are decidedly unconventional and don’t necessarily include a belief in God. That said, Vanessa’s exploration of the link between art and spirituality lies at the heart of what I do believe, and it’s a topic I could go on and on about. Don’t worry, I don’t. The interview is short and sweet. I hope you’ll go read it and offer up your thoughts in the comment thread. I’m turning off comments here, since in this post I’m mostly pointing you elsewhere, but I’d love to get a conversation going over there; I suspect many of you are interested in this topic as well.

Love Warrior Tote Bags


My most popular doodly design, the badass hippie love warrior, is now available on a VERY limited-edition tote bag. I originally made these bags in response to a friend’s request that I donate some art to her non-profit organization, Micah Smiles, which is holding a benefit concert to raise money for a music therapy program at the University of Michigan Children’s Hospital. I said yes because a) she asked me to donate art – yay! And b) I know that at the intersection of love and art, powerful, wonderful things happen.

I have two extra bags, which I’m selling in my shop. They’re big enough to carry a yoga mat… or a bunch of baguettes (or both, because, fortunately, yoga and bread are not mutually exclusive).

Update: The bags are sold! (BIG thank you to those who bought them!)

The (fearless) Love Essays

LoveScreencap-232x300The Love Essays are now available as a digital download from my Etsy shop! You can read the intro, plus one of the shortest essays in the collection, “Ten thousand times,” right there on Etsy before you download. You can also read my essay “Earnest, hippie and doe-eyed,” in its entirety on the literary website, Clamp.



Doodle A Fish

DoodleAFish11x17In May of last year, I wrote a post titled “10 things doodling has taught me.” In the comments section, someone suggested I turn that post into a poster and sell it in the shop. Then, a few weeks ago, someone emailed to ask if they could feature that post in a spotlight section of their artisan paper site. So, in typical j-style, I said, “Yes, but wait while I doodle you a better fish.” I did, and sent it to her, and she said, “You should make a poster of this and sell it in your shop.”

Well, you don’t have to tell me twice. (Wait…)

I’ll let you know when my new, improved fish finds its way onto that site, but in the meantime, it is available in poster size in the shop. (So excited to have the capability to print posters now. Feel free to send me your poster suggestions!)

You Are Here

Many moons ago, my film-making son, Dillon, and I sat down in a coffee shop and hatched an idea for an original web series titled “You Are Here.” It’s about a group of 20-somethings and a doomed coffee shop (and a shaman-y loan shark, and love, and friendship, and time travel, and celibacy, and sex). The first nine episodes are up on Youtube now, and the show just got a fabulous review on WebVee Guide. You should check it out. And don’t worry if you haven’t been watching until now, the episodes are very short. You can catch up in no time!

My Moleskine Mission (and… I’m on Pinterest!)


On Facebook, I’ve been chronicling my out-of-nowhere obsession to fill my Moleskine notebook with doodles. If we’re not friends there, we should be. Or if you’re not on Facebook, I’m chronicling my progress on Pinterest too. (I’m new to Pinterest. It is both a huge source of inspiration and a super sparkly distraction. If you’re on Pinterest too, feel free to inspire and distract me.)