September, man.

I had to laugh when finally, in October, I have a chance to get back to my blog and I see the title of my last post was "August, man."

Time flies in a pandemic. (Except when it drags.)

I'm sad that the summer is gone. Summer is my favorite season. I love the hot weather, the kids out of school, people sharing vacation pictures. I love going for walks after the sun sets, sitting out on the patio listening to crickets on summer nights. I love getting together with friends and family for backyard bbq's, digging my toes in the sand at the beach, growing tomatoes in my garden (doing battle with all the critters that love when I grow tomatoes in the garden).

But, of course, Summer 2020 wasn't like that. Between the pandemic and the wild fires, we were sheltering indoors most of the time. Without the usual hallmarks of the season, summer felt like all the other seasons this year - one day flowing into the next, everyone missing everyone else, all of us wondering what will be the new normal, and when will we ever get there.

I saw a picture on Facebook, a friend of mine got married. It made me smile. It looked so normal... until I noticed there was no one but the couple themselves in the photograph. Still though. They got married, which is a big, forward, love-filled step to take, inherently hopeful.

Love is alive and well. Even now. I'll gratefully hang onto that.