Interviews & Appearences

Creative Action Network's Artist Interview Series
Women Kicking Glass, with Pattie Grimm
Life Lessons, with Rick Tocquigny
UBN Radio’s Out Of The Box, with Christine Blosdale
Donna Seebo Show (Episode 819)
Let’s Get Radical podcast, with Jodi Padar and Liz Gold
Big Blend Radio podcast, with Nancy J. Reid and Lisa D. Smith
Pencil Kings podcast, with Mitch Bowler
Art As Worship blog, with Vanessa Lowry

My essays, columns, illustrations, and guest posts…

Self-Love as Superpower (on The Good Men Project)
5 Transformative Rituals For Manifesting Abundant Self-Love (on Mind Body Green)
3 Ways To Invest In Yourself + How Each One Will Help You Manifest Your…/10-Reasons-Adults-Should-Color.aspxeams (on Mind Body Green)
Science-Backed Reasons To Add Coloring To Your Self-Care Practice (on Mind Body Green)
10 Reasons Adults Should Color (on Beliefnet)
Whatever Happens Next (on Huffington Post)
This Fragile Sacred Space (on Huffinton Post)
Me and my body: a love – hate – love story (on Kind Over Matter)
Books By My Bed (on We Wanted To Be Writers)
A Lesson in Proper Prioritization (on Huffington Post)
My Religion (on Bentlily)
Stake Your Claim: a GPS Guide for the Soul (on Huffington Post)
The Wild and Silent Places: A Talk with Cheryl Strayed (on Used Furniture Review)
Sugar Love: Dispatches From A Coming Out Party (on Used Furniture Review)
Love (on Life By Me)
Fearless Love (on Painted Path)
Arcata, California: Marching to the Beat of It’s Own Drum (on Milliver’s Travels)
Hiking Trails of Humboldt, California (on Millliver’s Travels)
Making Peace with the Platform Thing (on Beyond The Margins)
Seven Souls One Musing (on Kind Over Matter)
A Self-love guide for the insanely busy (on Positively Present)
The Best, Easiest, Hardest, Craziest Thing in the World (on Smith Magazine)
NaNoWriMo is here! (on the Indie Book Collective)
Then And Now

Some of my fiction…

Mother’s Day
Rodeo Girl
Zebra Sounds
Real Life
Rules of Engagement
Getting There

The Creativity Questions

(Short interviews with artists of all ilks about living creative lives.)

Ren Allen, Makeup Artist & Body Painter
Lyn Girdler, Yoga teacher, blogger/writer, and designer
Liza Donnelly, New Yorker cartoonist, writer, and performer,
Alexandra Franzen, Writer-teacher-creative entrepreneur
Eric Naroyan, actor
Michael Maren, filmmaker-journalist
Nichole Bernier, writer-novelist-Beyond The Margins founder
Connie Hozvicka, fearless painter-teacher-blogger
Samantha Reynolds, poet-publisher-founder of Bentlily
Juliana Finch, singer-songwriter-poet
Annie Neugebauer, short story author-novelist-poet