Powering down

Tomorrow afternoon, I embark on a weekend getaway. I’ll be totally offline for three days. (Just ignore my little involuntary shudder right there. I can do this. I’m committed.) I’ll spend my unplugged days ducking in and out of quirky-hippie-one-of-a-kind shops as well as my all time favorite used bookstore; hiking in forests and along shorelines; sipping wine on a rooftop patio; kicking back in an outdoor cafe, where we can “relax by the fireplace or at the tables outside, around a pond in the middle of a Scandinavian wood of birch and conifer trees.”

It’s supposed to rain.

I don’t care.

I. Can’t. Wait.

I’ve been going full tilt since launching this site in November of last year, and my Etsy shop not quite three months ago. I’ve completed my Right Brain Business Plan, designed 28 cards, wrote a lot of stuff that I’m really proud of, landed some kick ass creative interviews, started the Obscure Words feature, and said yes to becoming an official HuffPo blogger. I’ve never been more productive, and only a few times have I felt this intensely the need to take a break.

When I get back, I’m going to take a week off of blogging so I can sink into planning mode for a couple of projects I really want to do but haven’t had time to map out.

Here are five cool things to peruse while I’m gone…


Right after I posted my 7 cures for creative block, I stumbled upon Mati Rose McDonough’s “Show the World Your Magic,” 12 ideas to tap into your best and most creative self. With suggestions like, “Make possibility lists” and “life hack” how could I not share it? My favorite on her list is #10: “Treat life as an ongoing experiment.”

I love that. It reminds me of Justine Musk‘s frequent refrain: They’re not mistakes; they’re data.


I could not love Meg Worden’s post, “Relax. You’re Already Ok. Also: Pimp Suits” more. It begins like this: “So can I just say how totally tired I am of being told to ‘Do epic shit?’ Even just the word epic is tiresome.”

From there, she deconstructs the term and puts it back together in a way that is as hilarious as it is reassuring. What does Meg think epic shit looks like? “It looks like functioning at the summit of my grooming potential now and then.”

Plus: pimp suits.


Kris Carr’s post, “How to do less and live more” is full of excellent tips like “Disappoint people,” “Hit delete,” and “Let them judge.” They’re powerful, practical, take-your-life-back ideas that you can put into practice right now, but what I love most about this piece is her overarching theme – your presence is rarely as necessary as you think.

Your participation isn’t always life-and-death. Your colleagues can run that meeting without you, your 7-year-old can make that peanut butter and jelly sandwich on his own (and yes, even clean up the mess!). When we separate fact from fiction, we find a treasure trove of time sitting right under our noses.


I love The Believer’s mini-interview with Cheryl Strayed. The questions are great and, of course, so are Cheryl’s answers, but here’s the one that startled me with its honesty and personal resonance. Cheryl was asked, “What would you say your greatest obstacle has been, as a writer and as a human?” She answered, “Being okay with people not loving me.”

Reading that was like getting tapped with a tuning fork; my insides hummed with recognition. I sometimes forget that the people I most admire are regular humans too. It’s nice – and weirdly validating – to be reminded every now and then.


This week, I spent a lot of late nights on Photoshop, sprucing up the pictures in my Etsy shop. It’s all pretty now, and there are quite a few new cards (greeting and postcards). For anyone who isn’t friends with me on Facebook, I’m sharing here. (And also… why aren’t we friends on Facebook? Shouldn’t we be?)

LoveNotesGrpShotIMeanttoSayGrpShot DoodlecatsStoreImage

Okay, that’s all for now. I’m off to play and recharge and regroup. See you in two weeks!


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