Me and my body: a love – hate – love story

Last year, I wrote a short post about my struggles with an eating disorder. The response, on and off blog, was huge, supportive, and full of questions that I wasn’t prepared to answer.

Ever since, I’ve wanted to write more about it, because I think it’s important, and because sometimes I think the subjects most worth writing about are the ones we find it hardest to attach words to. One thing that has held me back is my discomfort with the conversation that inevitably follows a disclosure like this… though that conversation is exactly what I believe needs to happen.

Finally, I was able to write “Me and my body: a love – hate – love story” for Kind Over Matter. I’m grateful to Amanda Oaks for the beautiful home she’s given my piece and for the little bit of space that writing it for her gave me, allowing me to break through my own blocks and be as honest and naked as I know how to be.

I’m nervous, but I’m also happy it’s out there. I hope you’ll go read it.