Inkspirations Mindful Living

Creative Coloring to Relax, Recharge, and Renew

Many of us spend a lot of time doing―doing work, doing errands, doing for others. Sometimes we need to stop our to-dos and just be. With Inkspirations Mindful Living, you can sink into that much-needed respite from the busyness of life, transforming your free time into mindful 'me' time. It's not just fun and nostalgic. Studies show that mindfulness may help to improve your working memory, decrease stress, and boost your immune system.

Artist Judy Clement Wall specially designed each page to foster a sense of calm while stirring your creativity. You'll find an assortment of symmetrical patterns and mandalas as well as flowers, nature scenes, and animals just waiting to be embellished, plus thought-provoking quotes to uplift and inspire you. Printed on perforated paper for easy tearing and sharing, and with a special lay-flat binding, Inkspirations Mindful Living offers you hours of engaging fun and artful exploration. Unplug, unwind, and unleash your creativity on every page while you sink into the moment--your moment.

Inkspirations For Women

Color Your World Happy

A coloring book that gives you permission to spend time on you. Nurture yourself, relax and unwind with a creative outlet that is easy, fun and — best of all —  makes no demands.

Taking care of your own needs is important. When you’re overwhelmed, stressed-out and feeling unappreciated, curl up and color. Each page is a welcome excuse to take time for yourself.

In Inkspirations for Women we’ve included an eclectic mix of designs to color and customize. You can chose from nature scenes, floral designs, animals and meditative mandalas. Our perforated pages make it easy to “tear and share”. Frame your pages or post them next to the kids’ artwork on the fridge.

Inkspirations Power of Positive Inking

Coloring for success

The Power of Positive Inking combines stunning original art from Judy Clement Wall and pairs it with 30 of the most empowering principles from Jack Canfield's best selling book, The Success Principles,. The result? An engaging way for visual, kinesthetic, and left-brain learners to envision their dreams, adopt new mind-sets and behaviors, and achieve their goals.

Whether you are looking to change careers, elevate your earning power, or find a new passion in your life, The Power of Positive Inking will not only keep you on track to achieve your goals but will help you draw your own unique pathways to success. Live boldly and bring your dreams to life in full color!

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Inkspirations Create While You Wait

In today’s busy world, finding peace can be a challenge. Now, with this unique compact coloring book, you can use those idle moments to foster your creativity and enjoy a sense of calm. HCI Books has teamed up with AARP to bring you an Inkspirations coloring book that will help you turn that challenge into creativity.

With original art from Judy Clement Wall—featuring flowers, animals, mandalas, and more—Create While You Wait offers a much-needed break and a burst of creativity and playfulness whenever the mood or moment arises. Perfectly sized to fit into a purse, pack, or pocket, Create While You Wait will help you color your day brighter wherever you go. A special binding lets you lay the book flat, and the unique horizontal layout is perfect whether you’re left- or right-handed.

So grab your colored pencils, crayons, markers, or pen—and find your inner Zen.

Inkspirations for Recovery

A Coloring Companion that Celebrates and Support One Day at a Time

Coloring books for adults have gone mainstream with millions of grown-ups unabashedly enjoying the hobby worldwide. Now, for the first time, a leader in the recovery field, Rokelle Lerner,  has teamed up with artist/illustrator Judy Clement Wall to create a coloring book specifically for the millions of people who are living healthier, more fulfilling lives using the Twelve-Step principles. And while everyone could use a little “inkspiration,” coloring offers unique benefits to people in recovery.