Love your (wild) self

This week, I figured out how to redirect my “shop” page to my Etsy store. Let’s pretend it was really hard and it took my special brand of single-minded diligence and technical wizardry to get the job done. Yay me!

There was, of course, a domino effect to my getting that to-do list item done. (Have you noticed? There’s always a domino effect!) I need to migrate my digital offerings to Etsy.

I started with my 52 Weeks: 52 Ways to Love Your (Wild) Self e-guide. I went through the whole thing, page by page, link by link, to make sure that it’s all still shiny and working. I was a little nervous because it’s been a couple of years since I wrote the guide, and a lot has changed since then. I wasn’t sure it would still feel right to me.

But it did! It was very cool to read the guide again after all this time and find myself nodding in agreement with myself. I wrote this in the introduction:

At the center of every truly important and meaningful thing we do, there is love. It connects us to each other and to our planet. It fuels our best work and our bravest art. In the final moments of our lives, how well we loved will be the measure of how well we lived. And all love begins with self-love.

Your ability to love others is directly proportional to your ability to love yourself. The simple truth is selfless love is lesser love. It’s evident in the word “selfless.” Without self. How can that not be inferior, the love that comes from such a depleted source?

Here are a couple of excerpts from the guide: Week 9 & 27.



It’s true, I can doodle better now than I could then,  but there is a certain charm to the old stuff, right? In any case, the guide is up and available at the Etsy Shop and I’m very proud of it all over again. I really think that if you take the guide and complete each week’s assignment adventure, you will see yourself and the world differently when you’re through. It costs $15 (which works out to less than $.30/week), but if you get it today, you can take advantage of February’s coupon code, SPREADLOVE, and save 15% on your purchase.

And if you’re not in a position to purchase it now, you can at least spend the next couple of weeks calling bullshit on “should,” and saying, “Yes.”

Oh, and you can get personalized doodl-y notecards now too!