Let’s Draw Fun Stuff

It's here! My new drawing class, 10x10: Let's Draw Fun Stuff is available online!

For each of the ten 10-minute videos, I chose a fun thing to draw, set a timer, and then drew the fun thing in as many ways as I could before the timer ran out.

I chose the timed format for the class in the hopes that it would encourage students not to take themselves or their art too seriously. Too often, creativity is hindered by  the voice of our inner critics, who, inexplicably, think we should be instantly great at everything we try.  This class is about ignoring that voice completely.

I knew that dreaming up new ways of drawing familiar subjects would be challenging. With the clock ticking, I plowed through my insecurities. (Which I did have. My inner critic speaks frequently to me as well!) I laughed more making this course than any other. You will too. I promise.

During quarantine, all my classes have been reduced to $15, and this one is too! I hope you'll come play with me!