Let’s all Find Our Awesome together

So much to share!

First, we created a new animated video all about the Find Your Awesome 30-day Self-Love Challenge that starts May 15th. My own life has been pretty chaotic and stressful lately. I need this challenge and this community as much as anyone, and I’m incredibly psyched by the enthusiastic response so far. If it’s true that there is strength in numbers (and of course it is), then this challenge is going to be a force for transformation, peopled by the most amazing posse of self-love warriors ever. I’m excited and grateful there are so many of us who recognize the value (and kick-assery) of starting a self-love practice.

If you haven’t already signed up, do it now! You could win a signed copy of Find Your Awesome… you’ll definitely see yourself differently by the end of our 30-day journey.x

In other news, over the weekend I was interviewed on Big Blend Radio’s Champagne Sunday show. It was so fun. Hosts Lisa and Nancy are warm, funny, and insightful, and I loved their questions and observations. My favorite moment was when Lisa used a surprisingly effective bank analogy to explain why self-love is so important. Or maybe it was when we mused about the inherent value of sitting around watching bunnies. Or it might be when Nancy suggested I spend a little me-time trying to feel the heartbeat of trees. Our interview was a wide-ranging, laughter-filled affair. If you’re curious about the interview, you can listen here.

In other, other news, I wrote a self-love article for The Good Men Project titled, Self-love as Superpower. I had fun writing it. I think you’ll have fun reading it; go check it out. I’ve also written a couple of self-love articles for Mind Body Green, which is one of my favorite websites, and I’m working on a piece for Huffington Post, which I’ll add as soon as it’s up. (You can get to all my writing around the web from my Links Page.)

Oh, and I love, love, love this review of Find Your Awesome. I’m so grateful to The Crafty Lass for taking the time to write it!

And finally, upcoming events…

May 9th: Super excited to be a guest on the Voice America Let’s Get Radical podcast with Jody Padar and Liz Gold. Listen live, or on demand!

June 4th: I’ll be talking about Find Your Awesome at the Livermore Public Library. If you’re local, I’d love to see you there!