Green New Deal Art

Just a quick post to announce the Creative Action Network's Green New Deal campaign, launching today. I'm super happy to be part of this effort to raise awareness, through art, about our climate, economy, and infrastructure. Each sale helps support independent artists and the Sunrise Movement, an organization dedicated to stopping climate change and creating new jobs in the process.

Here is my design for the campaign, a fun digital illustration depicting a city run by renewable, sustainable energy sources.

My design is also available as a button.


I know many people say The Green New Deal is unrealistic; it costs too much and can’t be implemented. They say that as if climate change isn’t the biggest threat to humanity, which it is. They say it as if we don’t need to think bigger and bolder about how to protect our planet, which we do.

On the other hand, they are talking about it, yeah? It’s no small thing, this conversational shift, mostly brought on by a generation younger and more aspirational than mine. They, and their Green New Deal, inspire me and give me hope.

I'm proud to stand behind them.