Art for the fun of it (getting intentional)

I came away from Oprah and Deepak’s latest 21-day meditation experience with three really important ideas. I’ve written about two of them already: the importance of cultivating awe in our lives,  and the notion that nearly everything we do either adds to or diminishes our personal power.

The third big idea? Setting intentions. Yes, I know that setting intentions isn’t a new or surprising idea, but the reason every personal development guru tells us to do it is because it works.

Recently I was talking to a friend and I heard myself say that I don’t have time these days to make the art I want to make just for me. Now, it’s true that the last several months have been very busy around here, but it’s also true that almost every time I start a sentence with the phrase “I don’t have time to,” whatever follows is bullshit.

I’ve learned that about myself. I have enough time for the things I really want to do. I may lack commitment, energy, or courage, but I have the time.

My friend was sweet. If she recognized that I was being less than honest with myself, she didn’t say anything. I mumbled something about needing to reevaluate my to-do list, and she let me off the hook, but for days it niggled at me. And then I listened to my online friend, Natalie Kinsey, being interviewed on the radio.

Natalie is a fierce, radiant, joy of a human, and you can listen to her wax poetic (literally) on all kinds of life topics by clicking here, but for now I’ll tell you about my favorite part of the interview. It was when Natalie said how necessary it is for us all to find our true yesses. An authentic yes, she said, is wholehearted and unambiguous. It often comes in response to the people and things that bring us joy.

Like making art just because.

Which brings me full circle. The simple truth is that if making art for the fun of it really is important to me (a big, resounding, unqualified yes), then I need to get intentional about making it happen. That night, when Chad and I sat down to unwind in front of Netflix, I grabbed an old, unused notebook and, inspired by Natalie’s interview and Lisa Congdon’s recent post about sketchbooking, I doodled up this bit of profundity.



And over the next couple of nights, I did this.


So now, I’m setting an intention for June:

Every day, art for the fun of it.

If you’d like to join me in getting all intentional during the month of June (and you can set intentions around anything; it doesn’t have to be art), I’d love to have you! I’ll be posting here weekly, and on Facebook more often than that (send me a friend request if we’re not already friends). Feel free to share with me what you’re up to, whatever it is. I am an excellent cheerleader.


In other news, I’m holding a mandala-making workshop at the Craft Makers Studio in Pleasanton, CA, on June 4th, from 10-2. It’s my first art workshop as teacher, and I’m a tiny bit nervous, but I’m also really excited. You can still sign up to attend, and we’d love to have you! It’s a fun group so far, and because someone is celebrating a birthday, I’m bringing cool gifts for everyone. Come play with me!