Do we smell cake? (An illustration in 30 seconds)

Today’s post is just 30 seconds of fun, because it’s been a busy, politic-y, soul-searching couple of weeks, and I thought maybe we could all use some doodly little party pups.

My coloring book illustration process works like this:

First, I sketch the design. When necessary (especially for book cover sketches), I review the sketch with my editor and once we’re both happy, I trace a clean copy, which I scan and upload.

This little video is the tracing part of an illustration for HCI Books‘ colorable postcard book, due out this fall. Enjoy!



In other news, I was interviewed by Hispanic MPR for their great little write-up on Inkspirations For Women. I love when I get quoted. 🙂

Also, I’ve revamped my newsletter. It still comes every two-ish weeks, but now it’s more fun, more useful, and I’m prone to giving stuff away. Join the list, and get a free download of my first coloring book, Art Out Loud!


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