Come play with me!

A quick post to let you know about some upcoming (and in-progress) events.

First, I’ll be teaching my new, improved mandala-making workshop at the Craft Makers Studio in Pleasanton, CA, on Saturday, September 30th, 10 am – 1 pm. Come, and you’ll learn everything you need to make beautiful, intricate, personally meaningful mandalas. When you leave, you’ll have 1-2 completed mandalas, and a mandala-making kit, which includes all the tools I use to make my own mandalas.

Can’t make it to the class? I’m working on an online mandala-making tutorial which will be available soon-ish! Meanwhile, coloring mandalas can be as meditative as drawing them, and all my coloring books have mandala pages!



I’m excited to be part of Tahoe BoHo’s One Blissful Day event, on October 22, 10:30 – 4 pm, at the lovely Quadrus Conference Center & Catering in Menlo Park, CA. I’ll be there talking about self-love, finding your awesome, leaning into possibility, and what it means to lead a creative life. The all-day event will also include yoga, meditation, food, wine, a jewelry trunk show and more. I’ll share all the details as soon as they’re available, but for now, know that this will be a soul-soothing, well-filling experience, and… it’s free! There are, however, a limited number of spots available, so if you’d like to attend, you can RSVP via email to I’d love to see you there!


This next item isn’t an event so much as just something so cool, I have to share. I met an insanely talented (funny, smart, wonderful) fused glass artist named Kris Reed. She contacted me because she wanted to make glass art out of one of my illustrations. Even before I saw her work, I was excited by the prospect of another artist using my art to create something entirely new. After I saw her work… just wow! She is incredible! Here is her very funny post about how we met, complete with pictures of her process and the finished art pieces. We will continue to collaborate from afar (she’s in Alaska) because I’m beyond thrilled with how good she makes me look! Go see!


And finally, a reminder that you can use the coupon code ARTYAUGUST to get 20% off of everything in my Etsy shop, including limited edition prints of all the art from my show, and lots of arty cards. I’ve been working on some new birthday cards. Here’s the latest:



There are lots of cards (and lots of art) to choose from, so stop by and stock up!