Coffee time, Batman, and me

Hello! I’m back from vacation! I had a blast and, in my next post, I’ll be sharing the best things I learned during my 10-day road trip up the west coast, from the San Francisco Bay Area to Anacortes, Washington, and back.

Meanwhile, I’ve spent the last week meeting a couple of important deadlines and preparing for my Barnes and Noble meet-the-artist event this weekend. I’m equal parts nervous and absolutely certain it will go just fine. Part of my plan is to distract people with videos of my drawing hand in action. Here’s Coffee Time, one of the videos I made for the event.


Fyi, Coffee Time is a page in the Inkspirations Create While You Wait coloring book, due out in November!


And finally, here’s a really fun photo B&N sent me of the display they put together in their store. Look closely; I’m sharing a table with Batman! How cool is that?



If you’re in the neighborhood (Dublin, CA), I’d love to see you!