Classes and Workshops

Studies have shown that creativity is an effective wellness practice, and that engaging in creative activity can have wide-ranging effects on cognitive and psychosocial health, decreasing our stress response and increasing positive emotions.

Drawing a mandala is not only a creative adventure, but a meditative and restorative one as well. Its circular shape and geometric patterns are often used in art and meditation to impart a sense of beauty, wholeness, and order. The act of creating a mandala allows you to get quiet and focused, to let go of your self-doubt and inner critic, and lose yourself in the process of creation. The repetition that is inherent to drawing patterns can be soothing in the same way as a mantra repeated during meditation.

In this workshop, you’ll learn the basic techniques for creating a beautiful, intricate, personally meaningful mandala, and once you know the basics, there is no end to the number of designs you’ll be able to create on your own. A slightly simplified version of this workshop is available as a fun, creative team-building session for working groups.