Chalk Lettering Workshop


Hey everybody! Just a note to let you know that I'll be teaching an Intro to Chalk Lettering workshop at the Craft Maker's Studio in Pleasanton on June 9th, from 10-12:30 pm.

To  prepare for the class, I've been playing. First I made this "home sweet home" sign on my tiny, 8x10-inch chalkboard.


Honestly, I'd forgotten how fun it is to work with chalk. I had such a great time, I ordered a new bigger chalkboard, and instantly fell in love. I love the board, and the anti-dust Crayola chalk (which is still really, really dusty), and I love how much the whole chalk art process feels like play. I even like that everything I create gets erased; it's both a lesson in the impermanence of material things, and an invitation to just have fun.

I'm excited to teach this workshop. Since it's an introductory class, we'll be focused on lettering. You’ll learn some tricks for designing both print and cursive fonts, and we'll talk about how your choice of fonts depends on the mood you want to convey. Plus, I'll teach you how to turn your regular cursive lettering into faux calligraphy. We’ll practice writing and embellishing techniques, and then we’ll take your new skills to the chalkboard!

I'm creating lots of fun instructional material and practice sheets. You’ll leave with your very own practice board, instructional packet, chalk, and chalk pen.

If you're in the area, I would LOVE to have you there!