Find Your Awesome

A creative journal adventure

Book Cover: Find Your Awesome

In a perfect world, maybe you wouldn't need a 30-day challenge to find and fall in love with your most playful, imaginative, and colorful self, but we don't live in a perfect world. We live in a fast-paced, high-octane society where feeling lost in the jostling crowd is the norm and finding our own significance is sometimes the biggest challenge of all.  Fearless love champion Judy Clement Wall will guide you through this challenge--to fill your well for 30 days and tap into the miracle that is you! When you learn to love and value yourself, your relationships with everyone else will change, because the person that you bring to the world will be the fullest, truest, best-loved version of yourself.

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Reviews:Nikki Newcomb on Flying Through Water wrote:

Find Your Awesome is a 30 day challenge that will make you think and will honestly challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. The challenge is presented more like a personal journal where we are free and even encouraged to doodle and jot down thoughts as we go. The days range in difficulty depending on your personal way of thinking. There are ‘easier’ challenges that you can do with little thought…which build up to challenges that may take some real time to fully digest. This book, if followed, will help you find your inner awesomeness. AND you’ll have fun along the way. Can’t beat that right?

Heather on The Crafty Lass wrote:

Judy’s writing style is Awesome, she has you nodding along and giggling at the many witticisms she shares. Nevermind being a self-love guru; it seems like she’s the kinda person that would do your soul good just by knowing her! Someone you’d love to hug, hang out with, drink tea and eat copious amounts of cheecake with; regularly.

The book is a fun read, at times touching, and actually quite eyeopening – through sharing her own story of opening herself up to embracing her own Awesome badassery she gives us the impetus to proclaim our own.

In case you haven’t worked it out yet; I LOVE THIS BOOK!! I must admit, I never really ‘got‘ the whole Adult Colouring thing, I understand why people enjoy it; it just never clicked with ME. But, this? This I can embrace. I’m obsessed with daily/monthly challenges but sometimes get bored if they are the same thing repeated (a month worth of photoprompts is fine, once you’re into your 3rd month, it gets a bit ‘mehhh’) The clever thing here is that the style of challenge differs from day to day; some days you doodle, some days you write, others you send a text; it keeps it varied and interesting.

Linda Allen on Ms. Career Girl wrote:

Remember that favorite teacher who could so easily make you smile even on the crummiest of days? Judy is one of those people. Find Your Awesome is melt-your-heart, authentically wonderful.

To one extent or another, we are all guilty of showing more kindness and love to others than to ourselves. Here’s a 30 day challenge to change that. But the real magic is that your actions actually ADD to the world’s reservoir of love. This little book won’t end up on your bookshelf – it’ll end up in your purse as a go-to resource to remind you how awesome you, the people around you, and life really are.