August, man.

I smiled when I created the title of this post.

There are so many things I could write about because, let's face it, August of 2020 has been bat shit crazy. The three P's (pandemic, politics, and protest) continued through August, alarming and unabated. And here in California, we  had a freak dry thunderstorm which started much of the state on fire. Even for those of us who haven't been directly threatened by flames, the air quality for the last several weeks has ranged from moderately unhealthy to hazardous.

And yet...

There has also been art.

More than just my work, and my hobby, and the thing I love to do most with my time, art has become a source of solace for me. When the world gets too loud (or frustrating, or scary, or stupid), more and more I find myself creating.

I put on music, or an audio book, and for a little while, it's just me and my whimsical characters, being goofy, being colorful, being in love. It's a nice respite these days. I wish the real world had more room for whimsy.

Here are some of my favorite illustrations from August (that I didn't already post about). I was focused on love... and bulgy eyed birds, it would seem. Visit my portfolio to see more of my work, and my shop to purchase it in the form of cards and prints.