Talking to the furniture

Two weeks before the midterm election, I repurposed one of my illustrations - a little girl holding a red balloon - to create a new illustration that would encourage people to vote.


I'd just heard a story on NPR about all the reasons people who are eligible and able to vote in the U.S. don't. It made me crazy, listening to them talk about how their vote wouldn't make any difference, or they didn't see the point, or - worst of all - they just weren't "political."

I yelled at the radio. I stomped around for a while. I was alone but having built up a good head of steam, I explained to the furniture in no uncertain terms how elections are not about politics. They're about the policies that affect our lives every single day.

I talked about healthcare, education, student loans, energy, climate change, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the people we protect, the voices we trust. I have to be honest. For the most part, the furniture seemed unmoved.

So I drew a picture and posted it, because that's what illustrators do. Then, over the next two weeks, I drew fifteen more pictures, and I posted them as well.

Here are all the illustrations I created in the weeks before the election.

The midterms are over now. I think it's worth noting that the 2018 midterm turnout was record breaking.

Probably  just a coincidence.