Art for the fun of it (in full swing)

My “Art For The Fun Of It” 30-Day Challenge is on!

The challenge officially started on the 1st and will continue through the month of June, but I started a few days early because – holy wow! – I’d forgotten how much fun it is to draw in a sketchbook without any intention of selling the result.

I. Am. Loving. This.

One interesting thing I’ve noticed. Over the past few months, I’ve worked mostly on the Inkspirations coloring books, where my process is to sketch each page in pencil (with liberal use of my eraser), then trace a final ink version, which I scan and upload for my publisher. It’s a perfect process for a perfectionist. I ink knowing exactly what the finished image will look like.

But, despite my natural inclinations, I don’t want to be a perfectionist. A few years ago, I realized that I didn’t know any truly happy, wildly creative, love-wielding perfectionists, so I set about changing that tendency in myself (one 30-day challenge at a time).

These days, I don’t consider myself to be burdened with that affliction, but after months of tracing, I found myself a little nervous approaching these first sketchbook pages, armed with ink and no eraser.


By the end of “Uncover Your True Yes” though, I was feeling really good, so the next night, I went all out with my Micron pens, inking all over the place and loving the feel of just going for it, embracing imperfections as part of the process.


It truly feels like play now, which is the point of this whole challenge, and why I’ve chosen to make art in my sketchbook, which is artist-speak for sandbox.



My doodly cityscape took me a few nights to finish, but it was fun, and meditative, and addictive. I suspect there will be more of these before June is through.


It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood!



Click to enlarge.


I am such a believer in 30-day challenges. I hope some of you will join me this month. Pick something you’ve always wanted to try, something you want to get back to, a new habit you want to start, or one you want to break. The idea is that anything is doable for 30 days; it’s long enough to establish a new practice, but short enough to not be overwhelming. Plus, it can be very enlightening. Every time I do this, I learn something new about myself. You will too, promise.

And I’ll be back next week with more Art For The Fun Of It.


p.s. Having conscious fun with my art reminds me of my friend Andrea Lewicki’s Lower Case Art idea. She writes about it beautifully. Go see!