Art for the fun of it (the love edition)

Art For The Fun Of It continues, and I have to say that this is the most fun I’ve ever had doing a 30-day challenge. I pop open my sketchbook at the end of every day, after I’ve crossed the last thing from my to-do list, had dinner, and cleaned up the kitchen. That’s when I sit down with my sketchbook and pens and think, “Now for the fun stuff…”

… like these doodly waves (which I think would look really fun in shades of blue and green, as ocean waves in a larger piece)…

13 Waves


… and these doodly arrows.

14 Arrows

I did my LOVE page on a night when I felt worn out – by Orlando, and by the conversation that followed (which was more diversion and trench-digging and name-calling than conversation). One thing I know to be true: What we focus on expands. So let it be love…


… and also doodly birds –

just for the smile of it.

16 WhatTheFlock (3) 16 WhatTheFlock (2)16 WhatTheFlock (1)

That’s all for this week, boys and girls; one more week to go. To see all the Art For The Fun Of It sketchbook masterpieces, click here.

Have a gorgeous, love-soaked weekend!


p.s. My LOVE page will be available as a print from my shop by the end of the weekend. I’ll post a link here in next week’s blog.