Art For The Fun Of It (the big finish)

And another 30-day challenge comes to an end. What a blast I had with this one (and anyone who’s followed me long enough knows that isn’t always the case with my challenges). I think the key to my success was to do all the art in my sketchbook. I can’t tell you how seriously I DID NOT take the art that I created because it was my sketchbook, and that’s not where where I do my client work. I played, experimented, committed to working without an eraser… all things I hadn’t been doing before the challenge and wanted to find my way back to.

Here are this week’s sketchbook masterpieces…

More doodly circles!

17 MoreDoodlyCircles 17MoreDoodlyCircles


I think this is my favorite spread of the  whole challenge – flowers in containers. Not sure why I love it so much, but I do.






I saw someone do a doodle like this on Instagram. It looked very meditative so I tried it. Weird how squiggly lines smoothed out my skittery brain.

19 MeditativeBlob

And, I got some new pens! Not Copic, which are super expensive, but Tombow brush pens, which are really fun, have duo tips, are acid free, and come in a gazillion colors. I got some lighter shades that would allow me to doodle right on top of them. So fun!

20 TombowFlowers1

20 TombowFlowers2

And here are progress shots of my DREAM doodle from Days 28, 29 and 30.

21 Dream

21 Dream2

21 Dream3


I always learn something from my 30-day challenges. With this one, I (re)learned how to trust myself, relax, and have fun. I’m also proud of myself for sharing everything. My tendency is to curate, to share only the stuff that I think is most reflective of my skill set; you never know who might be reading your blog and what opportunities they might bring. But for this challenge, I decided that the “for the fun of it” part was the most important thing… erasers and second guessing be damned!

I know I’ll keep up the sketchbook practice. It was too fun and fruitful to abandon now. I created a “sketchbook adventures” category for the blog, so watch for more sketchbook-y posts in the future. To see all of the Art For The Fun Of It 30- day challenge art, click here.

Meanwhile, have a great weekend, you guys!


p.s. I wrote a short, humorous post for my publisher’s Inkspirations blog about my first time attending Book Expo America. Come see!

p.p.s. My LOVE page is now available as a print in my shop! It comes in black and white and rainbow!