Art for the fun of it (half way through my 30-day challenge)

I’m just past the half-way point of my Art For The Fun Of It 30-day challenge. Here are this week’s masterpieces of play!

I’m also using this challenge to work on my photography skills. I just set up a table for painting and photographing in a windowed corner of my work space. The light is so much better there. All I need to do now is master my camera. (And by “master my camera,” I mean hold still while I take the picture. My photography aspirations are quite modest.)

9 DoodleVine2 9 DoodleVine1

I drew this one after a day that had left me emotionally drained and hyper self-critical. “Just draw a bunch of colorful circles,” I told myself, knowing instinctively that a bunch of colorful circles would help.

10 DoodlyCircles

10 DoodlyCircles2

I’d originally planned to doodle this whole page, but I read the  Cheryl Strayed quote just in time to stop doodling while there was still a bit of white space for some Dear Sugar love.


And finally, blooms and dragonflies. This one made me wish I had some light, broad-tip Copic-style markers to work with, which means I’ll be heading to our local art supply store to try out pens over the weekend.

12 Bloom

That’s all for this week. To see all the challenge posts so far, click here.

Happy weekend, you guys, and whatever you do this weekend, do it with love. Make some art, hug a friend, help a stranger, dare to walk around with your heart wide open. The world is very desperately in need of badass love warriors right now.