A month of letters

So, I've become increasingly convinced that the biggest secret to producing creative work and staying inspired is just showing up. Like, every day, even when I don't feel inspired, showing up anyway, and seeing what happens.

It's so easy to find excuses not to, especially when I don't have a looming deadline.  But the freelance life is definitely one of ebb and flow and I'm trying to come up with fun ways to even that inherently uneven schedule out a bit. Specifically, I want to make the ebb times more productive and creatively inspiring. To that end, my big idea this year is to assign myself monthly play/practice challenges that I can fit in when time allows. I'm anticipating these challenges will spark new ideas and fuel the work I get paid for.

In January, I decided to hand-letter alphabets. I was actually kind of busy this month, so I'm pretty jazzed by how many of these I was able to do. I  wound up working on them while watching Netflix at night, or waiting for paint to dry during the day, or (in the case of the Pink & Black Attack) while sitting in a doctor's waiting room. Here are all my letterly creations (with captions so you can see what I was going for).

At the end of January, I participated in Jessica Swift's Pattern Camp class. I LOVED it, and to make sure that I don't forget all I learned, I'll be creating  patterns in February. Here are the patterns I made during the class. (Click to see a bigger image.)

Oh, and don't forget, I'm teaching a Valentine's Day Mandala class/tea party on February 8th at the Craft Makers Studio in  Pleasanton. Come create and sip with me!