A doodly owl draw-along

So, in preparation for some really fun projects in the months ahead, I'm buckling down and learning how to use the video-editing software I've had on my computer for about two years. To make myself do it, I've decided to create some very short 1 to 3-minute doodling videos, called "draw-alongs"! You know, like "sing-alongs," only these won't make your ears bleed... which my singing has been known to do.

Here's the first 1-minute draw-along, in which I doodled some owls... and then a tree... and then a moon... and then a "hoo." Then I made myself stop because I wanted the video to be less than a minute.

Here you go!

I'd love to hear what you think, and if you have suggestions for simple draw-alongs, let me know here, or on Facebook or Instagram.

A quick note on Stuck-Unstuck...

Stuck-Unstuck is my just-launched, ongoing project to explore, from as many angles as possible, the ways in which we all sometimes feel stuck - in our jobs, our relationships, our creative endeavors, our health goals, our life purpose, etc.

I want to thank and virtually hug everyone who took my survey. I'm so humbled by your responses, which have been amazing - smart, searching, insightful, and sometimes heartbreaking. They've made me realize that the condition of being stuck, and the ways in which we attempt to extricate ourselves are even more complicated and varied than I'd imagined.

Which is exactly why I wanted this conversation to include as many voices as possible. Reading your responses, I've felt both a sense of kinship and a growing determination to do this topic justice, with creativity, compassion, fearlessness, and humor (the recipe I use for all life's really big questions).

Stay tuned.

If you'd like to join the conversation, feel free to take my short 7-question survey, or use the Contact Me page to send me your thoughts. (And if you have new thoughts at any time, you can retake the survey, or drop me a line. I really want this to be an open conversation.)